Black Hills by Choice

Black Hills By Choice (BHBC) is the Black Hills Area Community Foundation’s (BHACF) giving society comprised of people from the Black Hills who love their community and understand that philanthropy helps preserve the unique heritage and character of our area.  

BHBC supports a wide variety of proposals. Requests can address issues in: Arts and Culture, Environment and Natural Resources, Community and Economic Development, Youth, Social Services, Education, and Animal Welfare. Grants will be distributed for charitable work in Pennington County, Meade County, Butte County, Lawrence County, Custer County, Fall River County and/or Oglala Lakota County. Historically, our giving circle grants have ranged from $500 to $5000. Please include a total budget for the proposed project and the detailed costs related to that total.

Applications are due on June 17, 2022.


  • Applicants must be an IRS 501(c)3 public charity, school, government entity or religious organization in good standing with the IRS.
  • Applicants must be invited to apply.
  • Requested support must be for organizations or activities that take place in one or more counties in the geographic focus of the Black Hills Area Community Foundation:
    • Pennington County, Meade County, Butte County, Lawrence County, Custer County, Fall River County, and/or Oglala Lakota County.

What Types of Projects Are NOT Funded?
Grants will not be awarded to support religious activity, political activity, fundraisers or benefits, debt retirement, or organizations working to primarily influence legislation. Supported activities may NOT discriminate against any individual or group based on race, gender, gender expression, age, disability, religion, ethnic or national origin, or otherwise legally protected groups. BHACF will not serve as an applicant for sponsored programs. Funding for multi-year projects or support will not be considered.

Grant Review Criteria
In reviewing applications, BHBC will consider the following criteria:

  • The organization or project must respond to a clear and compelling community need in the Black Hills area with a well-developed program or project that responds to that need.
  • The organization must demonstrate that they have the operational capacity, the staff and the leadership to carry out the efforts proposed.
  • Applicant is nominated by one or more members of the Black Hills By Choice giving circle. 


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!