Black Hills Area Community Foundation's Food Security & Strategic Housing initiatives

Collective Impact brings people together in a structed way, to achieve social change.

The 5 Elementsof Collective Impact

Food Security & Strategic Housing are two Collective Impact initiatives hosted by Black Hills Area Community Foundation.

The purpose of the Food Security Initiative is to identify food insecurity needs and challenges that exist within Rapid City and to develop community-wide solutions to meet those needs.

5 Collective Impact Elements of the Food Security Initiative:

Common Agenda |Increasing access to food

Shared Measurements |Mapping and data collection

Consistent Communication |Holding regular meetings 

Mutually Reinforcing Activities |New partnerships

Backbone Organization |Black Hills Area Community Foundation

The Strategic Housing Trust Fund is the result of Collective Impact work that has been ongoing over the past few years in Rapid City, working to solve the pressing need of affordable housing in the area.

5 Collective Impact Elements of the Strategic Housing Initiative:

Common Agenda |Increase housing inventory

Shared Measurements |Housing Study and Market Analysis

Consistent Communication |Regular meetings

Mutually Reinforcing Activities |Partnerships & Events

Backbone Organization |Black Hills Area Community Foundation

With your help, donor to match up to $50K in contributions to Strategic Housing Trust Fund!

Strategic Housing Trust Fund – A new tool in Rapid City’s toolkit

The need for housing options is not a new problem or one that is unique to Rapid City, but leaders in philanthropy, government, business, and the housing industry are working together on new and unique approaches to addressing the issue locally. One of these new approaches is the development of the Strategic Housing Trust Fund at the Black Hills Area Community Foundation.  This fund is an additional resource available to help increase our workforce housing inventory.

Through the generosity of a donor of the Black Hills Area Community Foundation, contributions from individual donors will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, adding a total of $100,000 to add to the Strategic Housing Trust Fund.

This is the 2021 Summer Free Meals for kids information sheet.

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Collective Impact Reports

2019 Food Security Report

2018 Food Security Report

2020 Strategic Housing Report

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