Welcome to Black Hills Area Community Foundation

Connecting People Who Care to Causes that Matter.

The BHACF provides philanthropic leadership to build community endowments to invest in people and solutions that positively impact the Black Hills area.

  • “There will never be more mammoths, they are extinct. If we do not take care of their remains today, they will not be here tomorrow.”-The Mammoth Site

    Through their endowment fund at BHACF they are working to sustain their future!
  • We are thrilled to work with Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity as one of our newest endowment partners!

  • "If we believe we are better because of art, then we need to ensure access to the arts. It really is that simple.”

    - Pepper S. Massey, Executive Director, Rapid City Arts Council/Dahl Arts Center

BHACF Fund Options

We help donors provide for their favorite charities and causes far into the future by helping donors manage their giving to the charities of their choice. Donors may select the fund type designed to maximize their impact.

Community Grantmaking Fund

The donor allows BHACF the discretion to use available grant dollars for a broad range of community issues. This enables BHACF to respond to changing community needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time the gift is made.

Donor Advised Fund

Establishing a donor-advised fund allows the donor to actively participate in the grantmaking process by periodically recommending charitable distributions from the fund. Donors can create either an endowed or nonpermanent fund that involves the donor in the use of their fund. BHACF verifies that the donor’s recommendation is a qualified public charity or government entity. The BHACF Board of Directors has final approval of these recommendations. Grant awards are issued to charities in the name of the fund or anonymously (if the donor prefers). Contributions to the fund qualify for income tax deduction in the year they are made.