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The BHACF provides philanthropic leadership to build community endowments to invest in people and solutions that positively impact the Black Hills area.


SPONSOR Youth Philanthropy

Engaging young people in philanthropic “giving” is the purpose of the Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy program. Youth Philanthropy provides high school students with an opportunity to learn about philanthropy and participate in the grant making process. Students from the Black Hills area form a group that will research school based and community needs and strengths. Through surveys, interviews and consensus, the group will develop a portfolio of grant investments that they determine will provide results measured in changed lives. Students gain experience in teamwork, community needs, running meetings, building consensus, nonprofit finance and other topics. The program culminates in year-end celebration where the group of students shares their learning and $5,000 +/- in grant investments with their schools and community.

Purpose of Youth Philanthropy · Teach high school students about philanthropy (its roots, how it is carried out today, the importance of getting involved, etc.) · Give students an opportunity to engage in philanthropy and “make a difference” through grants. · Gain knowledge of the non profit world locally. · Learn how proposal evaluations are conducted and practice this skill. · Practice decision making and negotiation skills. Specific Projects · Review needs assessments of school and community needs. · Create a grant application and make available for groups and organizations to complete. · Review grant applications, determine grant distribution and present to Foundation Board. · Present the awards (share with community; publicize grants). · Learn about volunteerism and research local volunteer opportunities. · Take part in a group volunteer project.



If you have questions or would like more information on how to get involved with Youth Philanthropy for the 2019-20 school year please email youthphilanthropy@bhacf.org